Rapier Fighting


Tournament Prize

Made by Baron Griffin O’Suaird of Glaedenfeld.

Inspections and authorizations will begin at 9am and end at 10am.

At 10am, Marco di Giuhanni will hold the field in a prize fight in recognition of his Companionship of the Argent Rapier. All Companions are called upon to face him on the field and test him thoroughly.

At the conclusion of the prize (approx. 11am) we will begin the Meridian 40th Year Tournament. This will be a double-elimination tournament, open to all, the winner to be named the Meridian 40th Year Champion.

At the conclusion of the tournament, the Rapier Watch 5+ Man tournament will be held. Each baronial, shire, or local unit will fight together, facing the other forces of Meridies (our out of kingdom guests are invited to form units as they see fit, or may be asked to reinforce smaller units). Units will match numbers, and may the best win. At Gulf Wars, the Watch Commander will take the field armed with sword and banner pole. On this pole will fly two banners: the standard of the Rapier Watch, and the badge of the group that carries the day in this challenge.


Sunday will begin with a grand procession of all past royals of Meridies.
After the tournament will be a “Mini-Meridian Challenge of Arms” consisting of an Armatura tournament, a Single Sword tournament, a Sword-and-Dagger tournament, and a Best-form Bearpit. The top two from each will advance to a final tournament to determine the champion for the day.

1pm: Mini-MCA

  • – 1hr Armatura – Sponsored by the Meridian Order of the Blade
  • – Single sword, single elim – Sponsored by the Barony of Iron Mountain
  • – Sword and dagger, single elim
  • – Best form, bearpit
  • – Mini-MCA Championship – Sponsored by the Order of Defense