Merchant Information

If you wish to merchant at the 40 year celebration, please fill out the following form ant email it.

40th Yr Merchant Res Form

We are offering merchants the opportunity to advertise their wares at 40th Year. Following are the prices for ads in the site booklet. This will also be added to the website as well as printed and distributed to the attendants.

Ad Size

Full Page $40 (7″ x 4.25″)
Half Page $30 Vertical (7″ x 2″)
Half Page $30 Horizontal (3.5″ x 4.25″)
Quarter Page $20 Vertical (3.5″ x 2″)
Quarter Page $20 Horizontal (1.75″ x 4.25″)


Current Merchants

  1. Strombringer’s Treasure – Jewelry boxes, mirror boxes, oak/ poplar large and small; lidded boxes turned in walnut, cherry, oak, pine, poplar; feast gear plates; end grain sutting blocks; jewelry of all kinds; scented castle soap, scented lotion bars, sugar scrub, body butter, flavored lip balms, coins, Viking caps, some garb and cloaks, canvas bags, deco fabric pouches, calligraphy boxes by special order only, spindle sticks by special order only. Custom orders are taken. Can be found on Facebook at Stormbringer’s Treasure
  2. Little Fox Glassworks – Customized hand etched wood and glass products
  3. Zen Warrior Armory– Fencing gear of all kinds, Rapiers, Masks, Helms, heavy fighting gear, some clothing & capes. Website:
  4. Munitions Grade Arms – Rattan, Fiberglass Spears, Thrusting tips, and Basic Armor.        Website:
  5. Goðan Daginn – We are an American company inspired by Medieval Iceland. Making axes, knives, rowing boxes, work hammers, and Wiking looms. Website:
  6. Jadi’s Silk Road – Clothing, jewelry, hats, books, textile arts.
  7. Tress and Comb – I provide Hair braiding services to SCA members at events, including period styles. Website:
  8. Kerstyn’s Zeramica – Pottery, handmade feast gear, plates, bowls, mugs, and any specialty items.
  9. Two Baronesses – Buttons, homemade soap, and winingas
  10. David the Scot –Books with research material for pre 1700 historical periods, feast ware, swords, knives, some garb, and eclectic items from across the Known World.
  11. Atelier – Archery quivers (in historically based medieval styles), Viking Style Wooden chests, Medieval Game Box Style: Presentation boxes, regalia boxes, treasure boxes, jewelry boxes; Knight’s chains, books, & misc. merchandise.
  12. Lost Viking Metalworks – Hand-forged iron steel goods, from tools like hooks, cooking utensils and feast ware to fun and ornamental pieces like horseshoe hearts, brooches, pendants and tavern puzzles. Website:
  13. Blue Lotus Mehndi -Amy Miller- Application of traditional and modern henna (mehndi) to create temporary body art using an all-natural paste in a tradition that has existed for thousands of years. Also, available using Jagua, a fruit product that produces blue designs. Also sells various handmade items such as jewelry that are decorated in classic henna motifs.                                        Website:
  14. Gryphon’s Moon –Silver & Bronze Jewelry, Trim, Cloaks, Leather Journals, T-shirts, and more.  Website:
  15. Fancy as Finn – Garb: embroidered tunics, pants, leg wraps, embroidered hoods, and feast gear.
  16. Let’s make a Deel – Mongolian clothing and hats, European hats, veils, hair pieces, jewelry, Forged goods, Equestrian barding and gear.
  17. Stoffhalla – Jewelry, accessories, hand-dyed wool, stitching accessories for knitting and such.
  18. The Crafty Celts – Jewelry
  19. Wetterworks Leather – Handmade leather items including belts, belt bags, arrow quivers, accessories and cloaks.  Website:
  20. Fransis Forgeries – Blades, jewelry, and iron work.
  21. Cynical Artists – Mostly hand-made apparel and accessories such as pendants, rings, and bags, as well as more ‘geeky’ wears like dice.  Website:
  22. North Star Armoury – Viking/ Anglo Saxon/ Medieval jewelry and other little metal bits (like fire strikers), books, and possible armor.
  23. The Viking Alchemist – Horn ware, drinking horns, tankards, and cups.
  24. Chain Reaction Jewelry and Archery – Hand-made chain maille, best in period archery gear, bows & arrows. Website:
  25. Tessa the Amnesiac Wandering Scavenger Merchant – I steal from the dead and pass the savings on to you. Miscellaneous items.
  26. Woodwind Silverstone – Unique items and jewelry handcrafted from fine silver, sterling silver and gemstones. Replica artifacts and garb accessories.  Specializing in granulation and fusingtechniques as used by the ancient Etruscans, Romans, and Vikings and Greeks.  Handmade Native American style flutes also crafted and available.  Also found at:
  27. Blue Dragon Glass – Stained glass, carved and etched glass, kiln formed glass, and mosaics. Website:
  28. Aelfinheim Crafts – Custom and period leather goods- pouches, belts, archery equipment, etc. We also do chain mail and beaded jewelry.  Website:
  29. The House of the Red Lion – I make salves to soothe what ails you! Hand blended salves and infusions, essential oils blended into lotions, handmade soaps, various drink additives.       Website:
  30. Egill’s Woodstuffs – Weaving looms, fiber equipment, jewelry boxes and period looking furniture rated for SCAdians of substance.  Website:’s_Woodstuffs
  31. Tosten’s Pots – creates and sells period cookwares and housewares. Items including cooking pots, storage jars, crocks, colanders, mugs, bowls, plates, and more. Most items come with references to archeological finds.    Website: