Is the site wet or dry?

Entire site is WET!

Are there any special rules regarding alcohol?

Please ensure all people imbibing in your campsite are 21 and older.  There will be Fairgrounds security guards on patrol at all times.  Other than that, alcohol is allowed everywhere on site.


What options are there for camping on-site?

Four options are available for camping on-site: RV camping, Indoor (heated) camping, outdoor camping, or a horse stall in the barn.

What fees are involved in the different types of camping?

Indoor and Outdoor camping is included in your site registration fee when you select the camping option on your registration form.  There is an additional charge for RV camping or horse stalls. In that case, please select the “Weekend Daytrip” option.

RV Camping

What facilities does the Fairgrounds have for RVs?

The Fairgrounds has RV concrete pads and hookups, which include water, electric, AND sewer.

How do I make an RV reservation?

Reservations and payments for the RV rental are made directly through the Fairgrounds at their website http://www.gnfa.com/rv-reservations

What are the fees for an RV pad?

Fees are $30 per night for 30 AMP service; $45 per night for 50 AMP service.  Do NOT include your RV reservations with your event registration.  But please choose “RV” for “Reservation Type”.

Where are the RV spots located?

Request an RV spot behind the barn if you are bringing a horse.  Other RV spots are close to outside camping.

RV rules regarding horse trailers:

Dry camping is not allowed (i.e. in a horse trailer with no hookups).  You must park in the RV area and pay for an RV spot.  This is a rule of the Fairgrounds.

Will there be a separate Vardo encampment?

Yes! The Vardo encampment will not be in the RV area and will not have access to hookups.  The Vardo Village will be located in the Outdoor camping area.  If you want to hookup your Vardo to electric, or water, please reserve an RV space.

Indoor (heated) Camping

Where is the Indoor Camping located?

It is located in Heritage Hall, which is a Climate-controlled, 20,000 sq ft of space, with a concrete floor.  Large rest rooms are located inside the building (no showers). Heritage Hall is located right opposite the Roquemore Conference Center where the classes and meetings will be held.

What do I need for indoor camping?

You must use a pop-up or other mundane tent that does not require stakes or any type of support.

Outdoor Camping

Where is the outdoor camping located?

It is located in a large grassy area to the East of the Reaves Arena (See the map online).  There is enough space to support many types of camping arrangements.

Are there restrooms in the area?

Rest rooms are located in the area, including showers.  They are marked on the map.

How many people are required to reserve a Group Reservation?

Groups require no minimum number of tents or people to camp. To reserve space, have one representative contact the landcrat at 40th-landcrat@mail.com .

Are fires allowed?

Above ground firepits -only- are allowed; no ground fires please.

I don’t want to camp, but would like to put up a pavilion for storage. Do I pay for daytrip or outdoors camping?

Please pay the daytrip fee.  And make sure to contact the Landcrat so he reserves a spot for your Pavilion.

Access to Electric Outlets

I need an electric outlet for my medical equipment.  Will there be electric available?

A medical electric area will be set up for people requiring oxygen and other medical equipment (except CPAPs) in both the indoor and outdoor camping areas.  Although the medical area is not for the use of CPAPs at night, CPAP batteries will be allowed to be charged in the medical electric area during the day.

May I reserve my own, personal electric outlet?

Yes. A personal (or household) electric outlet may be purchased for $40 for the entire event. Electric outlets must be ordered and paid for in advance.

How do I order an Outlet?

To order an outlet, email the landcrat (40th-landcratmail.com) and reservation steward.  You will have to mail a check to the reservation steward.  We cannot take payments for electric outlets by Paypal.

May I plug in electrical appliances to an outlet that I purchase?

Yes.  You can plug in a power strip to the outlet and use it for any appliances such as crockpots, coffee pots, etc.

Camping in Horse Stalls

Why would I want to rent a horse stall in camp in?

Horse stalls in the barn are available if people wish to rent them to camp in.  You won’t have to bring a tent!  Stalls are 10’ x 10’ and are thoroughly cleaned after horses vacate.

What are the stalls like?

Floors are concrete, and walls are all wood on 3 sides.  The wood on the front wall rises to about 4’ or 5’ and is topped by vertical bars (total of 8’ high).  It will be easy to drape wall hangings around the perimeter of the stall for privacy.  The ceiling is open, and the barn is not heated.  The barn does not have side walls, just a roof.

Is Electric included with the stalls?

Yes.  Electric outlets are located at each stall and are included in the price of the stall rental.  There is also easy access to water.

Where are the Rest Rooms?

Rest rooms are located at each end of the barn, and include showers

How much does a stall cost?

Cost for a stall is $30 for each of the first two nights, and $5 per night after that.  If you arrive on Friday and depart on Monday, it would cost a total of $65 for a stall.  This is in addition to your regular site registration fees. Please choose the “Reservation Type” of Horse Stall when pre-registering, and “Weekend Daytrip”.

What is the layout of the barn?

The floor plan of the barn is located here:  www.gnfa.com/horse-barn-1/ If you would like certain stalls to be assigned to you or your group, please email the barn manager, Serena Amansadora, at laceyhjohnston@gmail.com   She will do her best to accommodate everyone.



Will there be food vendors?

SCA food vendors are not allowed on the fairgrounds.  However, there will be a café open on site to purchase food.  Additionally, there are many fast food restaurants close to the site.

May I bring my own food on site?

Yes. Cooking within your campsite is fine.  Outdoors, only above ground camp cooking methods are allowed.

May I cook indoors?

Indoor cooking is limited to only small (i.e., coffee pot, crock pot) electrical appliances with an electric outlet purchase for $40.  Cooking appliances will not be allowed to be plugged in at the medical area.


Do I really have to reserve a stall by 1 January 2018? I’m worried about the weather.

We are able to make exceptions, and understand the concerns about traveling during January.  However, please keep in touch with our Barn Manager, Serena Amansadora.  We need to be informed if you are hoping to come and will be needing a stall.  This is for planning purposes.

When can I bring my horse on site?

All horses will be allowed on site on Thursday.  However, the indoor and outdoor camping areas will not be open until Friday.  RV camping IS available on site on Thursday.  Please make arrangements with the Fairgrounds.  Or you can rent a tack stall to camp in.

When will riding facilities be available?

Outdoor practice rings are available beginning Thursday.  The covered arena will be available only Saturday and Sunday.

May I haul in for the day?

No.  All horses must have a stall.  Per the Fairgrounds contract, trailering in for the day is not allowed

How much do stalls cost?

Stalls must be reserved and paid for in advance to the event’s reservationist. The fee is $30 per night for each of the first two nights, and $5 per night thereafter.  Example: renting a stall Thursday until Monday the stall fee would be $70. All stalls include 3 bags of shavings to start.

How much are tack stalls?

Tack stalls (or sleeping stalls) are the same fee as horse stalls.

Do I need to strip the stall when leaving?

No.  Stalls do NOT have to be stripped when leaving.

What are the stall floors made of?

Stall floors are concrete. Rubber stall mats are available for rent through Elite Stall mats for a fee of $85. Delivery and pick up is included in the price. Order online and pay direct at www.stallmatrentals.com

Are additional shavings and feed available at the Fairgrounds?

Additional shavings can be bought from the fairgrounds at $7 per bag. Alternatively, the Perry feed store is very close by and they sell shavings for $5.50 per bag.  The feed store also has good hay for $7.50 per square bale and many brands of feed. Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own.

Is there any trail riding at the Fairgrounds?

Yes. Trail riding will be allowed to the west of the barns.

What documentation is required for my horse?

Current Coggins (within one year) is required for all horses.  Also, if traveling from out of state, a Travel Certificate must be presented for all horses. To expedite the process, please send a copy to the barn manager, Serena Amansadora at Laceyhjohnston@gmail.com.

What is the layout of the barn?

The floor plan of the barn is located here:  www.gnfa.com/horse-barn-1/ If you would like certain stalls to be assigned to you or your group, please email the barn manager.  She will do her best to accommodate everyone.

Everyone take note!  There will be a stall decorating contest!  We invite all to participate.  There are no rules…just be creative in celebrating your horses and kingdom! We have arranged for the heralds to judge.



Are dogs allowed on site?

Yes. Dogs are welcome on site; however they must be leashed at all times.

May dogs camp indoors?

No.  Only service dogs are allowed to camp indoors.  All other dogs must camp outdoors.

Where else are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed in Reaves arena. They are also welcome in the Rocquemore building, please be mindful of the classes and meetings held there.

What documentation do I need to bring my dog on site?

You must have the dog’s Rabies certificate papers as only the tag is not acceptable.


Reaves Arena

Where will the fighting be?

All heavy and light fighting will be in the Reaves arena. Youth fighting will be there as well.

Where will the Merchants be located?

Merchants may set up in the outer hallway of the Reaves arena. Please make arrangements with the Merchant coordinator, Lady Heather ingean Ui Briain at hobrien78@hotmail.com  There will also be space for vendors outside near the camping area.

When will merchants be allowed to set up?

There are large roll up doors to allow merchants access to the Reaves arena to bring in product and displays.  Set up will begin at 7:00 am on Saturday.

When do we have the Reaves Arena reserved?

We only have access to the Reaves Arena on Saturday and Sunday.

Will the arena be locked up at night?

Yes. The venue will be locked at the end of the night and opened at 7:00 in the morning.

Is there seating in the stadium or do I need to bring a chair?

There is stadium seating in the arena. There are also boxes surrounding the arena that have folding chairs. Groups and households are encouraged to decorate the seating areas with festive banners and hangings!

May we reserve a box?

Yes. Groups and households will be allowed to reserve boxes (guidelines will be announced at a future date).


Transportation on Site

Are golf carts allowed?

Yes.  Personal Golf Carts ARE allowed!

What about Skateboards, etc.?

Skateboards, roller skates, hoverboards, rollerblades, scooters, etc., are NOT allowed at any time, in accordance with fairground rules.