Equestrian Competition

General Information

  • Horses may arrive on site after 12:00 (noon) on Thursday.
  • Please coordinate in advance with the event’s barn manager, Lady Serena Amansadora (mka Lacey Johnston) at Laceyhjohnston@gmail.com, of your arrival times, stalls, and horses’ needs.
  • There will be opportunities to authorize for ground crew, general riding, games, jousting, mounted combat, mounted archery, and driving.
  • There are organized spaces for Buzkashi and other equestrian games.
  • Friday will be dedicated to authorizations and the activities to prepare the horses for competition.
  • Friday and Saturday, there are two hours dedicated to cavalry drill practice which will allow everyone, who is interested, to participate. Sunday, at noon, the equestrians who have practiced will participate in the “Equestrian Showcase of the Ages” following the Meridies Royalty Procession. It will be held in the Reaves Arena and is intended to showcase you and your horses for everyone’s entertainment.
  • Please check the schedule of events’ tab.

Meridies 40th Year Equestrian Competition Rules

This event offers an exciting opportunity for a true, period medieval tournament!  Start recruiting your team NOW!

Each team MUST decide on and declare its team name before competing!

Each team may have up to 5 members. The Grand Champion team will be based on the number of points earned from the events, games, and the Rider & Horse Equestrian kit vote.

The tournament requires a mix of the following disciplines for points:

  • Horsemanship
  • Games
  • Heavy Mounted Combat
  • Foam Jousting
  • Heavy Combat
  • Fencing
  • Equitation Challenge course
  • Equitation (Ride Before a Prince)
  • Mounted Archery
  • Equestrian Kit


The competition for points will be on both Saturday and Sunday.  Please see the schedule tab for times.


 5 Point Events

Each event in the following category confers 5 points to the winner and two points to 2nd place.  A team may only take its highest score for an event.

  • Games
  • Rings
  • Heads
  • Quintain
  • Reeds

10 Point Events

Each event in the following category is worth 10 points to the winner and two points to 2nd place.  A team may only take its highest score for an event.

  • Challenge Course
  • Templar Challenge
  • Archery
  • Equestrian Kit — The populace will vote for the name of their favorite horse & rider kits throughout the event. At the end of Sunday, the person with the highest number of vote earns 10 points for his or her team. Second place will earn 5 points.

25 Point Events

  • Events
  • Mounted Combat
  • Foam Jousting
  • Heavy combat tourney
  • Fencing Tourney
  • All teams may participate in as many events as they are authorized to compete.
  • All games are rolled into one for a single score.
  • A team may enter as many people as it wants in the games.
  • The consolidated team score determines the winning team.
  • The games portion is worth 25 points to the winning team.
  • Second place receives 5 points.
  • A team may only take its highest score for an event.

Scoring Rubric

Event            1st Place Points     2nd Place Points
Reeds 5 2
Quintain 5 2
Heads 5 2
Rings 5 2
Templar Challange 10 2
Challenge Course 10 2
Mounted Archery 10 2
Equestrian Kit 10 5
Ride Before a Prince 25 5
Mounted Combat 25 5
Foam Jousting 25 5
Heavy Combat Tourney 25 5
Fencing Tourney 25 5
Totals  185 44
185 is the highest score possible for any team