Sponsored A&S Competition

There is a special A&S competition sponsored by the Barony of South Downs to celebrate the artisans of the kingdom at Meridies 40th Anniversary Celebration!

There will be an Arts and Sciences tournament to showcase the skilled artisans that reside throughout the Kingdom. All skill levels are welcome from novice to Laurel. Winners will be chosen by populace acclaim, the combined wisdom of the Order of the Laurel, and the will of the Crown.

Additionally, there will be accolades for the group that has the most total entries in the tournament. They will be honored with the accolade of “Patron of the Arts.” Bring your best projects and encourage your friends to join you in showing the artistic prowess of your Barony, Shire, or Canton!

Medieval Cheats, Frauds, and Swindles

The Barony of Glaedenfeld will host a competition that is dedicated to medieval frauds and swindles on Saturday at 3:00.


Trust me, I’m a professional!
Snake oil isn’t new.
PT Barnum greatly underestimated the birth rate.

Your entry must incorporate some form of swindle which can be documented to our SCA period. Your documentation should include a brief additional section “selling” your entry as the thing it purports to be. Feel free to write this section in your best persona voice!

Both static and performing arts entries are welcome. The performing arts version would include something like the shell game, which is (as an example) apparently documented to roman times. The game, the fake, the fraud, is demonstrated and pitched to the audience.

The static entry might be, for example, loaded dice or a piece of the one true cross.

Documentation for either version should include the history, production, and use of the item or performance, how it qualifies as a fake, and how it would have been conveyed to the intended “mark.” How did a person in period go about monetizing the item or performance? What other motivation(s) would cause a person to do such a thing? How was it conceived, made, crafted, or designed?


There is a prize for a winner of both static and performance. They will be a table knife from Francis Forgeries incorporating several frauds banned by the London Cutler’s Guild, including a fake ebony handle and a counterfeit Guild Mark.